Back on the fediverse. After some migration.


Nice startup from Innokick in Switzerland : a manual air-sealed vegetable trash, for storing in a smell-less way your vegetable scraps before putting them in the compost.

Support them !

Sondage sur le graphique à barres de #framadate : Est-ce que vous l'utilisez ? Si oui, je veux bien savoir dans quel cas il vous sert =)


[ ] Souvent
[ ] Parfois
[ ] Rarement
[ ] Jamais

Have you heard about Silicon Valley’s unpaid research and development department? It’s called the EU.

Who should you thank for Facebook’s Libra?

• “One of the UK’s leading privacy researchers”
• University College London
• The DECODE project

And, if you’re an EU citizen who pays their taxes,

• You.

Surprised? Don’t be.

That’s a first. The proxy of one of my client flagged as suspicious because it (rightfully) changed its @letsencrypt SSL certificates automatically.

Any security expert could tell me the rationale behind that ?

Hello, pourrais-je vous demander 5 minutes pour aidez notre stagiaire Tiphaine à avoir un 20/20 à son rapport de master.

Répondez à ce sondage et relayez-le :

Les 50 personnes qui ont déjà répondus ont mis 5 minutes en moyenne. Toute réponse compte.

Merci beaucoup par avance :bow: 🙏

Happy to get back coding. Happy to support my fellow designers by building tools for them. Honored and humbled by the feedback so far. It’s already getting better.

Knowing what we know now of the russian involvment in the US and UK, to which extent can we consider the Gilets Jaunes movement is driven by them ?

Even only if we consider the coordination groups are on Facebook 🤔

Cooking workshop for christmas ongoing 👨‍🍳. christmas logs and all. fun 🙂

RT The gilets jaunes have “brought together every kind of conspiracy theorist and internet grifter imaginable: anti-vax, 9/11 truther, anti-Masonic, anti-Zionist, climate change skeptic, green-deal activist, chemtrails, pro-refugee, anti-EU, Illuminati.”


Hello les Nantais. Un petit message pour signaler qu'un nouveau groupe de design d'interaction IxDA vient de naître à Nantes:

Ils font leur kickoff lundi. Offrez-leur un accueil chaleureux.

Mastodon back online after 1 day off. Low harddrive on the server :-/

Devops here : Any way to easily monitor free space on coreos and send a mail if getting low ?

If you're struggling to present navigation and information architecture to your clients, my friend Gilles has built a kickass tool for you.

Check it out!
RT I always found difficult to discuss navigation with my clients. It's often too abstract for them. So I decided to find a way to make it concrete.

Introducing Gimbalst, a tool to instantly and effortlessly prototype your navigation:

When you want to scream BS for the last hour of presentations.

Wrong event for me. Feel like a lost of time.

"Now I've lost my trust in this button".

Verbatim from an actual user testing a website.

More like trump’s pockets outweight
American values, but sickening anyway.
« American jobs outweigh American values »

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