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Eh Les tootos, Je pose la question à tout à hasard :
Des gens qui veulent faire un MBA par ici ? Ou qui ont déjà un MBA et qui voudrait continuer leurs études managariales ?

On fait des tests utilisateurs demain et mercredi, et on cherche ce genre de profils.

When you shut something you assume it’s “closed” and therefore not “open” to see/hear whatever you’re doing in its vicinity.
So, bravo Apple for making a thing that could break context instead behave like our bodies expect it to.
This is interesting…

Just bumped my Mastodon instance to 2.6.1.
So easy 👍

Introducing Trump's law:

Any social media, past a certain audiance's size, will become the host of all voices, including hate speach, bullying, troll, commercial abuse, etc.

Be careful, .

Si y'a des mastos lyonnais interessés par les interfaces vocales. organise à Lyon le 23 octobre un workshop d'une 1/2 journée avec Phillip Hunter , une ponte du domaine. Toutes les infos sur le workshop ici:

I have decided that every time a company sends me a NPS survey, I will score it 0, and if they ask me why, I would put the link to Jared's article.

Happy to learn my datacenter of choice / / are :
✅ Is renewable energy certified
✅ And local
✅ While price competitve
✅ Embrace Privacy per defaut
✅ Has a somewhat good ux
✅ And a top-notch support.

UX vs privacy : By default, Bear.App scans your clipboard, and reach out to any website it finds, to resolve their title, as soon as the window gets the focus, and even before I actively paste the link.

That is great UX, as it is proactively finding good defaults for the unclear informations (URL)

But the tradeoff is costly in terms of personal data. Also, you can desactivate it, but you loose the feature.

Why don't they do it only when I activelly tell it "paste" ? (i know why, but still)

Event organizers and local leaders, what are your tips for asking for sponsorships ?

Boosting is caring.

Getting some of So many friends there.

When you are kept outside of your fediverse server 🤔, with a connection refused.

Last week in numbers:
0 ☕️ (16 days)
1L 🍺 (damn anniversary party)
1x 🏃‍♂️ 6.51km (damn berlin trip)
1000 km ✈️ (sorry 🌍)
28h (timesheeted work)

Here comes the yearly retreat. And it happens at the same time as the IxDA Berlin 10y anniversary. Which means old friends and new, lots of inspiration, beer and PAAARTY. Let’s make it worth it. Berlin I’m on my way. ✈️

Federation report: in the last hour, received 11709 toots from 501 instances. We can see at the moment 54.95% (59.22% excluding of the network statuses and are connected to 4802/5676 known instances.

Last week in numbers:
🍺 0.5L
☕️ 0
🗑 2m³ wallpaper trash
🚃 422km
🏃‍♂️ 1h28h03

Upgrade my instance to v2.5.0. Was a breeze.

Thanks @Mastodon :-)

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